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Pharmacist jobs found by professional headhunters all employer fee paid! 
Professional headhunters providing recruiting services for hospital pharmacy organizations, staff and supervising pharmacists, and more….  Click here to contact The Gould Group.
As a result of our exceptional networking capabilities, The Gould Group has worked with clients ranging from the small town independent pharmacy to major hospitals and HMO’s across the country. Additionally, we have worked with national home infusion and pharmacy benefits management organizations.
Among the opportunities for which we are continuously seeking quality candidates are:
Hospital: VP Clinical Services Retail: Supervising Pharmacists
Pharmacy Directors Staff Pharmacists
Pharmacy Supervisors Other: Clinical/Consulting Pharmacists
Clinical Coordinators
Staff Pharmacists
Often we are seeking to fill positions that haven’t been advertised.
It is generally more cost effective for companies to use headhunters. In cases where you contact us and we have no current available position listed in our files, we will present you and your qualifications to all appropriate potential employers, many of whom with which we may have an established relationship. All of this occurs with no inconvenience to you.
We screen employers to ensure they can meet your needs so as to not waste your time on fruitless interviews.
Newspaper ads can sometimes be misleading as to what a job promises to deliver. We get detailed information from employers about every position we seek to fill so you will know up front whether or not to invest your time in pursuing an opportunity.
Confidentiality…of the utmost importance!
We know how sensitive your confidentiality can be. Only upon your approval will we reveal to a potential employer who you are. You have no concerns about your present employer learning of your interest in seeking a better position elsewhere.
All our services are free to you! All fees are paid by the employer!  Click here to contact The Gould Group.
If you are frustrated with your current job because you know you are capable of doing and earning more, contact Derek Czar, Scott Behre, or Hamm Cottrell, headhunters at The Gould Group. Let us match your talent with our opportunities!  
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